Approaching A Hot Woman

There is always that woman. The hottest girl that all men cannot stop looking at. Everyone wants her. Even some women, however, not everyone gets her, right? Well, somebody does, so how does that mam do it? Well, let me share the answer to this question with you!

First of all, do not be a jerk. These women are approached by som idiots nearly all the time. They probably have had enough. Try to be normal. Ask them out! To some place they have never ever been to. And we do not mean  the most expensive restaurant, we mean something cool!

For example, you can ask her to go with you to a concert of your favourite band! If she is interested, she will definitely want to find out more about you and your music style.

Just do not get nervous, she is just a girl, like any other. And, you simply have to try this, right?

Dating Online: Is She Lying To You?

People lie. There is no doubt to it. We all do it, we all know it. And they lie especially when they are dating online. Because, we all want to look super cool, right? And if the person we are talking to does not know the truth, then it is even easier, is it not?

Luckily, we are here to tell you how to spot a liar!

First of all, try to be a little bit realistic. So you met a fantastic person that almost seems unreal with absolutely no flaws…. Well, the person may be lying.

If the photo is good, double check it. Watch out for the warning signs just like the photo where you cannot see her body, but only face, from shoulders up.

If she is telling you a lot of interesting stories, you may soon realize that they somehow do not add up. If she mentions the same thing but always describes it differently, that may be a warning sign.

Meet her in real life. Before you fall in love with some unreal person.

Just be careful and also, think about why it is that you attract this kind of people. Perhaps you might consider checking your profile.

How to Give Her The Best Massage

We know that you are no masseur, however, that does not mean you cannot give your girlfriend a good massage from time to time, does it? We know you can! And we want to help you do that. Because if you do this task right, she is going to love you even more than she did!

  1. Talk to her. Ask her where she has pain and focus on those spots.
  2. Prepare the room for a massage. Make it a quiet, peaceful place with lovely smell. Turn on some good, relaxing music, light some candles. She is going to love it!
  3. Speak to her. Inform her about what you are doing.
  4. Use good oil. Ask her about what scents she likes and make sure you have something prepared. Or, use her favourite lotion. Also, coconut oil is a great option! It smells delicious and is totally natural.
  5. Ask her about her body. Try to figure out which parts are the most stressed ones.
  6. Make sure that you do not stop in the meantime. She will wonder why and it will definitely not make her feel comfortable.

And, that is it! You can do it! Fingers crossed!

When A Real Man Lives With His Woman

You may probably be used to seeing your mom running around the house, doing all the chores, cooking, laundry and everything while your dad was just watching TV or busy working. Well, you may think that this is what living with a woman should look like. But the fact is that it is simply not what women today want. And definitely not something they would willingly sign up for.

So what are the things that a real man of today should do when living with a woman? Let´s check it out!

  1. He makes her a bath.
  2. He surprised her by preparing a lunch for her to pack to work.
  3. He makes her breakfast in bed.
  4. He gives her a massage.
  5. Does his share of chores.
  6. He actively participates on picking furniture and other things for their home. Afterall, it is a home of both of them!
  7. He writes her cute texts.

And mainly, he looks forward to coming home to her. Because that is the most important thing, is it not?