How do I Know if I Suffer From Vaginismus?

Any woman who experiences pain or discomfort during intercourse is concerned.

Or should be, because, it is not okay. Sex should not be painful, but it should be something everyone enjoys. Not only men, but also women!

Nevertheless, this is not always true. Usually, men and especially women are dealing with some problems connected to their sexual life. And unfotunately, they do not know how to deal with them!


The problem is that people are not able to talk about the issue or ask other people for help. And that is something that needs to change!

It is necessary to define the diagnosis in order to be able to deal with it! But how do you do that in case of vaginismus? Well, in order to be sure, you need to visit your doctor, never the less, here are some information about vaginismus that can help you:

  1. Vaginismus causes pain during intercourse which can be caused by various reasons.
  2. Usually, it is caused by psychological issues, so if you had any bad experience in the past, trauma can be your reason of vaginismus.
  3. Vaginismus is involuntary. You cannot control the pain, but you can do exercises which can help ease it.
  4. Vaginismus is common. Many women are dealing with it even though they are not willing to admit it.

Well, be careful, vaginismus is a problem that cannot be ignored! And you need to deal with it in order to be able to enjoy sex again!

Vaginal Dryness and Itching can Completely Destroy your Love Life – Don’t Let it Happen!

Vaginal dryness is terrible for a woman, however, it can also ruin the entire relationship if one does not do anything about it. Itching can be pretty annoying, and vaginal dryness can cause you to experience pain during intercourse. Which is not something you want for yourself, right?

The problem is that painful intercourse can ruin your relationship. Nobody wants to have sex if it causes them pain, right? And it definitely should not! Plus, having an issue that you are not able to talk about with your partner is a big problem.


That is why vaginal dryness can ruin your relationship! But you cannot let that happen. Instead, you should be able to discuss this problem openly and ask your partner for support. Dealing with such issues on your own can be difficult and you partner will definitely not appreciate your dishonesty.

But if you tell them about it instead, then everything will be easier. In addition, you should avoid sex while the problem lasts. Painful sex will definitely not help you get over the issue, and it can only make things worse. That is why you need to visit your doctor and find out what the cause of your problem is.

The sooner you do that the better! Because vaginal dryness can be caused by various issues and only your doctor will be able to identify the reason of it. So, do not hesitate and go!

There is absolutely no reason to panic, just ask your partner to be by your side and everything will be fine. Vaginal dryness is common, but you can do something in order to fight it! So do not give up!

Is your Female Libido Asleep? Time to Wake it up!

It does not matter why your libido is low, the important thing is that it can be revived! Well, supposing that you do want to bring it back.

Sure, maybe you think that having a good sex life really does not have a lot in common with having a good relationship. But if you really want you relationship to last and if you really want it to be successful, you need to do something about your low libido! Sex is important. Believe it or not. And the sooner you realize that the better! That is why you need to find a way of improving your sleeping libido!

Fortunately, you do not have to do it on your own! We are more than happy to help you find a solution to your problem, so just keep on reading!

turning off alarm clock

Well, to be honest, there are a lot of things you can do in order to boost your libido. And one of the first things you should do is start talking about sex with your partner. Communication is the key. And this applies to all aspects of your relationship. You know, sex will not be great until you find a way of making it so.

But of course, only communication will not solve the problem of low libido which worries many women. In order to really boost it and experience the best sex in your life, you will need to change a few things!

Well, we bet that there is not much excitement left in your sex life, right? And that is what you need to change! You are never too old to experiment! The thing is, you need to start looking at ex differently. It is not something you ahve to do, but rather something you should enjoy doing! And if you do not, then there is something wrong.

If you think that you might need some professional help in order to get yourself on the right track, then consider counseling. It can really help your relationship!

So, we hope that you find a way of making your sex life awesome again!

Shedding Inhibitions for that Ultimate Sexual Experience

There is no shame in feeling shy. However, it is not really doing anything good for you to be shy in the bedroom, right?

Well, if you really want to experience the best sex in your life, then you will need to do something about it. You see, one of the great things about long-term relationships is the fact that couples who are together and who know each other stop being so shy and instead, they experiment!

And that is something what you should not be ashamed of!


You see, the key to making the most of the sexual experience is not being shy. Not being afraid to expressing yourself sexually. I mean, you need to learn how to communicate with the other person. You see, you cannot expect him to know what you want. You need to tell him! And please, do not think that it is inappropriate.

I know that you are probably trying to be polite and everything, but this is not how things work. You need to act. You need to take things into your own hands.

And do not be afraid to experiment. Although, the first time should probably be just about you two, so please do not scare the guy away by trying to be too cool and too sexy. However, you can spice up things later on! And you definitely should! Whether you get a sex toy, watch an erotic movie or try some aphrodisiacs! Nothing is forbidden! As long as you both discuss it and agree, you can try anything!

However, and this is important, never push yourself into doing something you do not want to be doing. If anything is not making you feel good or comfortable do not feel like you have to be doing it. Your partner would never ask you to do it if he knew that you did not like it!

Well, we hope that you will make the most of the night! Just relax!

Don’t let Sexual Anxiety get the Better of you and your Sex Life

Sexual anxiety can be defined as fear of sex. This fear is usually caused by being afraid of not performing well and not satisfying your partner, however, it does not have to be the only reason.

Sure, there are many things that can cause you to be nervous or even anxious before intercourse. Just think, we bet that you will come up with at least one. Is it not right?

Whether it is the stress of not getting pregnant, or getting pregnant, or simply a bad body image, it does not matter, it all causes sexual anxiety.


And sexual anxiety can result in some serious problems with your sexual relationship. Most importantly, well, it causes pain during intercourse And painful intercourse is not probably enjoyable. Seriously, sexual anxiety can seriously harm your relationship. But you cannot let that happen! I mean, having sex just because your partner wants it is probably not something you wanted in your life, is it?

Well, then why don´t you do something about sexual anxiety! Talk to your partner, be honest with them and they will be your support! Because these issues should not be yours only. You should be able to deal with these things as a couple.

Although, this does not mean that you should deal with this on your own. Asking for a help from a professional would probably be good! Try a therapy. It could really help you and save your relationship from falling apart! Really!

Just do not underestimate these problems. It is not good. You need to know that there is always something you can do, but you need to do something.

She Is Unfaithful! Is She?

If you think that she might be unfaithful, then you should definitely be careful and look for these signs of infidelity. Just remember, do not rush to conclusions. The chances are that you are only being paranoid.

  1. She is not talking to you about her life. For example, you ask her about her day and she just says: fine. Or, you ask her what is happening in her life and she says: not much. That is probably stupid. And a sign that she is sharing her life with someone else.
  2. You are not the first person to know about the news. Perhaps she tells you about something exciting, however, you later learn that she already said that to someone else.
  3. She changed her looks. Significantly. And she just looks different. A lot happier. She used to always be angry and now she cannot help but smile.
  4. Your sex life changed. Maybe she learnt something new, maybe she is not even trying.
  5. If you start talking about the changes, she gets angry and agressive. For absolutly no reason, even though you are calm.

Still, the thing may be that she just has too much going on at work and perhaps she does not want you to worry. That is why you need to have an honest and open conversation.

How to Avoid These Typical Couple Fights

If you want your relationship to be more fun and less trouble, then you should follow these tips on how to avoid typical couple fights that every couple deals with. You will save yourself some troubles and will be able to focus on the things that really are improtant in your relationship.

  1. Money issue – maybe one of you accuses the other for spending too much money. Well, this can easily be avoided by determining the three basic terms: your money, my money, our money. That way you will not have to deal with this.
  2. Sex issue – one of you will want to have sex more often than the other. This needs to be discussed. You need to have an honest conversation about what sex means to each of you.
  3. House chores – perhaps one of you will do more than the other. Again, you will need to have a discussion and divide the chores so that each of you does the same amount.
  4. Appreciation – one of you may not feel appreciated. If you do not feel appreciated, you need to tell your partner.
  5. Phone – just do not use it all the time. Especially not on a date or during your special time.

Hormones and libido increaser for men

When we think of hormones, two things most likely come to mind; either the awkward years you spent going through a changing voice and bouts of unexpected acne, or the influx of moods and emotions the woman in your life seems to experience on a monthly basis. It’s unfortunately not all that common for us to think about what hormones, or a hormonal imbalance, might be doing to our own bodies, especially as we age. Not having the proper balance of hormones can lead to weight gain, depression, trouble sleeping, and can put a damper on your sex drive. If you thought dealing with hormonal imbalances was just for women, think again.


Cortisol and epinephrine keep you alert

Stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine keep you alert by allowing more oxygen to your brain, and releasing glucose into your bloodstream for energy. When your cortisol levels are imbalanced, it can lead to weight gain due to a disruption of your metabolic system. Weight gain can, of course, affect other areas of your life and body, and even lead to a continuing imbalance of other hormones that can affect your energy, mood, sex drive, and sleep.

A disruption of your sleep hormone, melatonin, can cause you to feel weak, and of course, tired. Your energy hormone, thyroxine, helps you keep energized and burning calories all day. When that is thrown off, that same sluggish, lazy feeling can come over you, leading to even more weight gain and fatigue, and yes, a diminished sex drive.



We all puff out our chests and give a few good-natured grunts at the very thought of the powerful male hormone running through our bodies, right? Well, have you ever considered what might happen if your testosterone levels dip? It is the most important ingredient when it comes to men’s sexual health, and can easily be challenged by estrogen. That’s right, all men have a little estrogen. If the estrogen levels in your body rise, it can essentially wipe out quite a bit of your testosterone, which can lead to things like weight gain, and erectile dysfunction.

Ways to combat shifts in hormones

There are ways to combat nearly all of these shifts in hormones, and the best thing to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough exercise, and take care of your body. Of course, there are medical options, including pills, injections, etc. If you’d like to stay on a more natural path, you might consider a product like Spanish Fly Pro, which are squeezable drops you simply put into a drink to increase libido with their natural herbal formula, and no negative side effects.

If you haven’t thought about your own hormones before, now is the time to do it, and take proactive action to ensure that your hormones stay balanced at normal levels. As you can see, an imbalance of hormones can be the source of a lot of problems you just don’t want. Living a healthy life starts from the inside, and even though our hormones might not be the first thing we think about as men, they certainly shouldn’t be the last.

Premature ejaculation products – what helped me?

My friend and I grew up together. We lived on the same block, we went to the same school, we played on the same football team, and now, he’s starting to raise a family while I’m a bachelor. I’ve been in a few serious relationships, but lately I’ve been into more casual dating, trying to focus more on my career. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want a relationship if the right person comes along, but I can’t say I’m not having fun just dating around for awhile. Lately, though, I’ve found myself struggling with something I haven’t been all that comfortable talking about, even with my best friend; premature ejaculation.

But, after finding myself in an unfortunate situation with the girl I’ve been seeing one night, I knew I finally needed to talk to someone about it. I did my research on the Internet, and saw that a lot of men struggle with it, so maybe my friend could give me some advice. Oh, am I ever glad I decided to bring it up to him. What he had to tell me absolutely changed my sex life, and I’ll never look back. man-in-bed

Struggle with premature ejaculation

He let me know that after a few years of marriage, he too began to struggle with premature ejaculation. He even went so far as to see a doctor about it, but once he found out he was healthy, he turned to over-the-counter products; creams, lotions, etc. He tried a ton of different products, all promising to make him last longer in bed, but none of them seemed to work. One of them only lasted a few minutes, and he had to use it every single day to get any effects from it at all. Another caused so much sensitivity that he had a hard time ejaculating at all, and he couldn’t feel anything, making sex unenjoyable for him. Needless to say, all of it was causing some strain on his marriage.


He told me about this product

Then, he told me he discovered Pelay. When I told him I’d never heard of it, he enlightened me by explaining it consisted of the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier. When he first got the product shipped to his door and used them together, his sex life was instantly changed. So, I gave it a shot, ordering Pelay from their website. I awaited anxiously for it, reading reviews and testimonials from other satisfied Pelay users, and when I finally got the opportunity to try it with the girl I’ve been dating, I was amazed. I simply used the Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier, and in less than five minutes, I felt less sensitivity, but because of the gel’s lubrication, I could still really enjoy myself during sex. The best part? I lasted almost 45 minutes before ejaculating, and my partner and I were both completely satisfied. I’ve used it several times since then, and I’ve never experienced one negative side effect.

Premature ejaculation might be an embarrassing subject to talk about, and the products that say they can help with it can seem intimidating, but learning about Pelay from my friend was the best thing I could have ever done for my sex life, and I’ll never go back!

Which is the Best Way to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

Though it may not be the most comfortable subject for most men to talk about, premature ejaculation affects men of all ages, for many different reasons. Not only can it be embarrassing and an ego deflater, but it can cause issues in relationships, lack of confidence, and an unsatisfactory sexual experience for both parties involved. Although premature ejaculation can be difficult to talk about, or even to admit might be something you struggle with, it is important to realize that it is more common than most people might think, and the reasoning behind it can very greatly.

Situations in which premature ejaculation may occur

Of course, there are the most reasonable situations in which premature ejaculation may occur; lack of experience, a new partner, or if it has been an extended period of time since your last ejaculation or last sexual partner. However, premature ejaculation can also be linked to medical issues, such as depression. It’s important, first of all, to understand why you may be struggling with this problem, before you can concentrate on fixing it. If you find yourself ejaculating soon after intercourse begins, or even before it begins, you may consider that you have to deal with premature ejaculation, and do what you can to change that.


Physical health

Physical health is the first, and typically the best way to determine why you might struggle with premature ejaculation, so it’s always best to visit with your doctor for a full exam. If you find you are in good health, talking with your sexual partner may help to ease some of the anxiety you might feel while having sex. Mental and physical health are very important factors in considering why you might be dealing with premature ejaculation.

There are simple steps you can take in order to start on the path of preventing premature ejaculation; cutting out alcohol and nicotine, eating right, staying active, etc. Occasionally, your doctor might prescribe a medication if the problem worsens or doesn’t change at all. Simple tricks such as putting on a thick condom also can sometimes help, as it reduces the sensitivity during intercourse.

If you want to stay away from medications and other ‘over the counter’ products that can cause scary side effects for both you, and your sexual partner, there is only one product that can reduce sensitivity for up to 45 minutes, is totally safe for you and your partner, and only 4 minutes to kick in.


What exactly is Pelay?

Pelay is a unique combination of the Pelay gel and Pelay applicator, and when used together and applied to the penis, it takes just four minutes for reduced sensitivity to set in, so your sexual experience can last as long as both you and your partner would like, without any worries of premature ejaculation. Plus, you still get to enjoy sex, due to the lubricating effect of the gel.

Pelay has been clinically studied, Dermatologically tested, and is a Hypoallergenic product, meaning no crazy side effects for you or your partner. It has undergone rigorous testing with multiple groups, and no one has experience any negative side effects. Don’t worry about pills, heavy medications, or chemicals to get your sex life back. Order Pelay today, and get it shipped right to your front door so your next sexual experience can last, and last.