Your Bar During The Holidays

It is a dream of every guy to have a bar full of expensive good quality alcohol, am I right? Well, every man should indeed arm himself with some booze before the holiday, so that when the party season starts, he is ready.

But how should you do that? What are the things you should definitely have in your bar? Well, let me give you some tips!

  1. When buying the booze, you need to buy essentials. Rum, vodka, whisky. The things that you drink and you know that your friends like too. Just do not try to buy everything. It is impossible. Also, buy good quality alcohol, but do not overdo it. Buy your favourite brands and those that you know your friends prefer.
  2. If you are planning on making cocktails, then you will probably need mixers. Buy soda, tonic, some juice, lemons and limes.
  3. Do not forget about ice. Even though it is winter now, a cocktail without ice is not a cocktail. So make sure that you have the ice ready!
  4. Select two or three cocktails you will serve. Prepare ingredients ahead. It will be much easier for you to prepare the cocktails then.

So? Are you ready for the party? We think you are! Now let´s go shopping, shall we?

How To Get Drunk More Quickly

We bet that you do not want to use these tips in order to make yourself get drunk more quickly, right? Well, however, if you would like to know why it is sometimes that the alcohol has a more powerful effect on you, read this!

  1. When you switch time zones, it may mess with your circadian rhythm, which may result in your feeling more tired and drunk quicker.
  2. When you catch a cold and you become dehydrated.
  3. If you have been skipping gym recently, you may not be able to deal with alcohol the way you used to.
  4. Also, if you lost weight you need to realize that your body will probably not be able to handle as much alcohol as it used to.
  5. When you reach 25, you will slowly start losing your drinking abilities.
  6. And, if you have not been sleeping well, the last few days, do not expect yourself to be able to drink until the morning. First, get some rest and then celebrate!

So, now you know when the right time to avoid drinking is, are you going to follow these rules? Let us know!

How To Travel Differently

So you are travelling to the same old destinations that nearly everybody has been to, so what?! It does not matter. You should go to places that you want to see and not those that people think are cool right now. Afterall, you are travelling for yourself, right?

Well, anyway, if you are interested in doing something differently, here are some tips on how to spice up your adventures!

  1. If your desination is New York, then you should definitely visit Saturday Night Live Exhibit!
  2. If you happen to be in L.A. go to Cinespia!
  3. In Paris, go to glass floor of the Eiffel Tower!
  4. And if you are visiting Gran Canyon, then you should definitely walk on the Skywalk.
  5. Check out Freedom Tower in New York.
  6. In Las Vegas, go Zip Lining!

What would you recommend us to do on our trip?