How to Avoid These Typical Couple Fights

If you want your relationship to be more fun and less trouble, then you should follow these tips on how to avoid typical couple fights that every couple deals with. You will save yourself some troubles and will be able to focus on the things that really are improtant in your relationship.

  1. Money issue – maybe one of you accuses the other for spending too much money. Well, this can easily be avoided by determining the three basic terms: your money, my money, our money. That way you will not have to deal with this.
  2. Sex issue – one of you will want to have sex more often than the other. This needs to be discussed. You need to have an honest conversation about what sex means to each of you.
  3. House chores – perhaps one of you will do more than the other. Again, you will need to have a discussion and divide the chores so that each of you does the same amount.
  4. Appreciation – one of you may not feel appreciated. If you do not feel appreciated, you need to tell your partner.
  5. Phone – just do not use it all the time. Especially not on a date or during your special time.