Hormones and libido increaser for men

When we think of hormones, two things most likely come to mind; either the awkward years you spent going through a changing voice and bouts of unexpected acne, or the influx of moods and emotions the woman in your life seems to experience on a monthly basis. It’s unfortunately not all that common for us to think about what hormones, or a hormonal imbalance, might be doing to our own bodies, especially as we age. Not having the proper balance of hormones can lead to weight gain, depression, trouble sleeping, and can put a damper on your sex drive. If you thought dealing with hormonal imbalances was just for women, think again.


Cortisol and epinephrine keep you alert

Stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine keep you alert by allowing more oxygen to your brain, and releasing glucose into your bloodstream for energy. When your cortisol levels are imbalanced, it can lead to weight gain due to a disruption of your metabolic system. Weight gain can, of course, affect other areas of your life and body, and even lead to a continuing imbalance of other hormones that can affect your energy, mood, sex drive, and sleep.

A disruption of your sleep hormone, melatonin, can cause you to feel weak, and of course, tired. Your energy hormone, thyroxine, helps you keep energized and burning calories all day. When that is thrown off, that same sluggish, lazy feeling can come over you, leading to even more weight gain and fatigue, and yes, a diminished sex drive.



We all puff out our chests and give a few good-natured grunts at the very thought of the powerful male hormone running through our bodies, right? Well, have you ever considered what might happen if your testosterone levels dip? It is the most important ingredient when it comes to men’s sexual health, and can easily be challenged by estrogen. That’s right, all men have a little estrogen. If the estrogen levels in your body rise, it can essentially wipe out quite a bit of your testosterone, which can lead to things like weight gain, and erectile dysfunction.

Ways to combat shifts in hormones

There are ways to combat nearly all of these shifts in hormones, and the best thing to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough exercise, and take care of your body. Of course, there are medical options, including pills, injections, etc. If you’d like to stay on a more natural path, you might consider a product like Spanish Fly Pro, which are squeezable drops you simply put into a drink to increase libido with their natural herbal formula, and no negative side effects.

If you haven’t thought about your own hormones before, now is the time to do it, and take proactive action to ensure that your hormones stay balanced at normal levels. As you can see, an imbalance of hormones can be the source of a lot of problems you just don’t want. Living a healthy life starts from the inside, and even though our hormones might not be the first thing we think about as men, they certainly shouldn’t be the last.