The Gym Fears

What is the thing that scares you most when it comes to gym? Well, we all know that there is something that you find absolutely scary. I mean, come on, there are lots of things that are scary about the gym. Like perhaps, the machines (especially when you do not know how to use them) and the people in the gym. Anyway, look at this list of things that are scary about the gym:

  1. When you try to pick up something that is just heavier than you think. And you somehow cannot do it. And the people are watching you.
  2. When the girl next to you lifts more weight than you can.
  3. Being on a treadmill for like a minute and feeling as if you have already run a marathon.
  4. The pit stains that are just giant.
  5. Falling down or dropping weight on yourself.
  6. Farting accidentally while lifting.
  7. Getting an injury.
  8. Helping someone lifting an extra heavy weight.
  9. Falling off the treadmill.
  10. Doing anything in front of the pretty girls.

Well, what do oyu think about these? Are you scared of them too or do you have your own fears? Let us know!