Dating Online: Is She Lying To You?

People lie. There is no doubt to it. We all do it, we all know it. And they lie especially when they are dating online. Because, we all want to look super cool, right? And if the person we are talking to does not know the truth, then it is even easier, is it not?

Luckily, we are here to tell you how to spot a liar!

First of all, try to be a little bit realistic. So you met a fantastic person that almost seems unreal with absolutely no flaws…. Well, the person may be lying.

If the photo is good, double check it. Watch out for the warning signs just like the photo where you cannot see her body, but only face, from shoulders up.

If she is telling you a lot of interesting stories, you may soon realize that they somehow do not add up. If she mentions the same thing but always describes it differently, that may be a warning sign.

Meet her in real life. Before you fall in love with some unreal person.

Just be careful and also, think about why it is that you attract this kind of people. Perhaps you might consider checking your profile.