When A Real Man Lives With His Woman

You may probably be used to seeing your mom running around the house, doing all the chores, cooking, laundry and everything while your dad was just watching TV or busy working. Well, you may think that this is what living with a woman should look like. But the fact is that it is simply not what women today want. And definitely not something they would willingly sign up for.

So what are the things that a real man of today should do when living with a woman? Let´s check it out!

  1. He makes her a bath.
  2. He surprised her by preparing a lunch for her to pack to work.
  3. He makes her breakfast in bed.
  4. He gives her a massage.
  5. Does his share of chores.
  6. He actively participates on picking furniture and other things for their home. Afterall, it is a home of both of them!
  7. He writes her cute texts.

And mainly, he looks forward to coming home to her. Because that is the most important thing, is it not?